7 Lucky Feng Shui Cures for Being Broke

7 Lucky Feng Shui Cures for Being Broke

When money seems to vanish quickly, it could be that an individual’s home repels money rather than enticing it to stay. By using feng shui remedies, problem areas in a home may be transformed to improve the energy flow. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a feng shui designer and costly home renovations, simply employ a few simple enhancements to the living space. To attract wealth and prosperity, a person must not only lure money, but prevent it from slipping away. In the world of personal finance and feng shui, it’s not just what you make, but what you keep.

Doors in alignment

One unlucky problem in a home is when the front and back doors are in alignment. If a person can see clear from the front entrance to a backdoor, it represents money making a quick entrance and exit. The goal is for the positive energies to circulate and stay in a home so a person can get rich. The feng shui cure in this situation is to place a decorative screen as a room divider to break up the space. In feng shui, the best shoji screens include those that depict the lucky bamboo tree or auspicious cherry blossoms.

Poor air quality

Another problem that can be cured by feng shui is poor air quality in a home. Have screens fixed so windows and doors may be opened to allow for fresh air to circulate. Also, some plants are natural air filters. Lucky bamboo and the money tree are often used as money cures in a home that has become stagnant. If purchasing a foreclosure, make sure to have mildew professionally removed. Burning sage can also help cleanse the stale air and improve the flow of chi energy. Another creative solution is to adopt a dog. They circulate the good energy that attracts good fortune.

No bathroom doors

Some new home builders leave an open, arched entrance between the master bedroom and bathroom. However, it’s essential for a bathroom door to remain closed as well as the toilet lid to be closed for good feng shui. Water symbolizes wealth, but has negative implications in a bathroom where it is being flushed away. Add a bathroom door if one is missing anywhere in the home.

Too much clutter

People who are messy often have trouble finding their bills. Feng shui teaches that chi can only flow through a home that is not cluttered. Remove clutter from under beds and keep closets organized. Holding onto old work papers and files can prevent a person from moving forward in his or her career.

Water in the wrong place

Water can be used as a powerful force to attract money, but only if used in the appropriate way. For examples, pictures of ships on an ocean can represent money flowing toward a person, but only if the ocean is calm. Choppy waters or treacherous scenes can bring financial ruin. Make sure to clean out fish tanks and replace old water in flower vases. Water elements should be avoided in the bedroom.

Wrong paint colors

When painting a home, pay attention to the Bagua map or guide that breaks up the house into different sections that include the fame and reputation in the south area, the career section in the north and the abundance, wealth and prosperity section in the southeast corner. Wealth colors include green, purple and red, while career colors include black and blue. Red is the color for the fame area.

An empty kitchen

Another way to draw money is to place expensive-looking objects in the wealth corner as well as plenty of food and spices in the kitchen. Never leave a fruit basket empty or filled with rotted fruits. Making sure the refrigerator and pantry is completely stocked and discarding expired food products attracts the right energy. People who live in the home are more likely to feel provided for and secure, which makes them more confident to go out and earn money.

While it’s fun to go out and buy a lucky three legged toad or decorate with Chinese coins, not all feng shui money cures work in the western world. Some symbols for money are too specific to the Asian culture. People in the western world need to find objects that symbolize wealth and prosperity to them. At the same time, many feng shui money cures are based on common sense. People are more likely to be successful in work and business when they live in a clean, neat home that is well organized and creatively decorated.