7 Steps to Successful Love Spells

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7 Steps to Successful Love Spells

You’ve probably already seen the warnings in spell books and online. Most teachers of Wicca and related magick advise you not to cast love spells because they can be very powerful and damaging when used incorrectly or if they go wrong.

Are you determined to attract love into your life, however risky? You can cast a successful love spell if you follow these simple steps.

1. Never choose a specific person.
If you want to cast a successful love spell, you need to accept that you can’t just pick a person you’d like to fall in love with you. It violates their free will and harms them, and you’ll reap negative energy instead of love. If you’re feeling even vaguely uncomfortable about this warning, change your intention to cast a successful spell without reaping negative energy instead.

2. Set your intention for the spell.
With the above tip in mind, what is your intention? If you want a specific person to notice you, phrase your intention to attract someone deserving of your love and who is right for you. If it’s meant to be, that individual will notice – otherwise, you’ll find someone even more perfect, even if you couldn’t imagine someone better right now!

Some examples of intentions:

a) “I want to meet a new, exciting person who brightens up my life and makes me feel joyful.”
b) “I want to cast away any lingering negative remnants from my last relationship to leave me open to an exciting new relationship.”
c) “I want to spice up my existing relationships and feel passion, excitement, and happiness when I’m with the people I love.”
d) “I want to cultivate joy, independence, and a love of life within myself so the perfect person for me will be naturally drawn to me when the time is right.”

Whatever you choose, make sure you have a clear picture in your head of what you want.

3. Think about any loopholes or drawbacks in your intention.
By casting a love spell, you’re giving the universe permission to fulfill your wish in the best way possible. If you’re casting a love spell and you forget to specify that you want a person in your life, you might find yourself with an adoring new puppy! If you target any specific relationships, the universe will try to fulfill this by fixing the relationship – or breaking it down, if it’s really not meant to be.

Any intentions based upon reinforcing a weak or struggling relationship are particularly likely to backfire (or so it will seem from your perspective right now). You might end up breaking up with someone and feeling miserable for a few months, only to realize a year from now that it was the best thing that could have happened to you. Make sure you’re prepared to accept the unexpected.

4. Plan any symbolic correspondences and gather materials.
Red, pink, and white are the traditional colors of love spells, so choose these candle colors if possible. White is a more “innocent” color good for attracting friendship or a nonsexual relationship, while red can have strong connections with lust, and pink is more emotional.

Mirrors are a great symbol of self-confidence if you’re looking to love yourself so others will be drawn to you, silk is good for sexual and sensual relationships, and flowers represent romance. As long as it’s a symbol related to your intention, it can work. Just don’t include any object with traces of violence or negativity, such as ropes, knives, and so on.

5. Meditate and prepare your ritual space.
If you frequently cast spells or do rituals, you’ll probably have a routine already. Some people like to meditate before a ritual, and many people like to take a ritual bath to cleanse themselves and make sure there are no lingering energies or associations from their day that might affect the spell.

Before you actually begin the ritual, make sure the place around you is cleansed. You can simply ask for the universe’s help making sure the space is cleansed and consecrated for the ritual, or follow any routines you already normally do. It should be quiet and undisturbed.

6. Cast a circle and call upon deities or energies.
If you’re used to casting a magick circle, follow this process. Otherwise, lightly sprinkle salt in a circle or turn on the spot, pointing one finger and imagining a sheet of white, purifying, divine light following your finger until it connects back into itself in a complete circle. Once the circle is cast, call upon any specific deities you wish to have help (but do your homework on all their associations and powers first, and whether they get along with any other deities you call!), God, the Lord and Lady, elements, or nature – whatever your preference.

7. Light your candles and follow your spell.
Now is the time to light your candles, if you are using them. Otherwise, meditate for a few moments and then go about casting your spell. This can be as simple as repeating your intention out loud as many times as feels right. Chanting it can add the power of music and rhythm to your spell, writing it down carefully (and perhaps tracing the letters a few times) gives it more power, or you can repeat it in your head.

At the end of the spell, always say, “If it harms none, so mote it be,” or, “May this be for the highest good of everyone involved.”

After you’re done, dispel the circle by turning in a circle again the opposite way to allow the energy to be released back into the universe, then thank any deities or energies you called upon. You might want to repeat the spell now and again if you feel like it needs to be refreshed.