7 Ways To Choose A Psychic

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7 Ways To Choose A Psychic

When you’re in need of a little help finding the answers in your life, one of the obvious choices is to turn to a psychic. You may or may not have friends and family who have had successful and meaningful experiences with a psychic. If you can’t see your usual expert or you don’t have anyone to recommend a good psychic to you, you’ll need to become familiar with the process for choosing the best psychic for your needs.

Just like any other professional, some are good at what they do and others aren’t. There are no guaranteed ways to figure out who is best, but your gut instinct – even if you aren’t psychic yourself – will go a long way.

1. Don’t judge based on their rates.
Some psychics enter the field so they can help people and develop their abilities. Unfortunately, some also practice so they can become famous or rich! High-priced psychic services aren’t any more likely than less expensive readings to be a scam. Some of the best psychics may even charge higher rates because they would be overwhelmed with work at lower prices.

2. Look for those who don’t use money as leverage.
If your psychic makes a part-time or full-time living from their skill, they need to charge you for it. This doesn’t mean they should use techniques like completing half a reading, then asking for an extra twenty dollars before they’ll continue, for example. Psychic hotlines can be problematic for this reason – they make more money by keeping you on the line. You can still get a great phone reading, but you’ll just need to investigate the psychic before you make the call.

3. Avoid those who rely on fear.
A psychic who tells you that a loved one or pet is going to die soon, or that you will have evil spirits or demons haunt you unless you pay the psychic to do an exorcism is not to be trusted. A good and genuine psychic will share both good and bad news, but won’t use fear to get more money from you.

4. Ask around for recommendations.
Even if you don’t think people around you have been to see a psychic, ask them. You may find yourself surprised by who has visited a psychic. If they have a good or bad experience, they might want to share so they can help you either find someone who worked well with them or avoid being ripped off. Once you have found a psychic, ask for references, though consider that they may not keep a record of references in order to protect their customers’ privacy.

5. Choose the right type of psychic.
Every psychic has a specialty (or sometimes several specialties). Some are clairvoyant and “see” information; others work as tea leaf readers or work with angels. Every individual psychic’s technique is different, and their preferred areas differ. Some are comfortable doing readings about love and wealth, while others might avoid these in favor of reading past lives.

6. Watch the details.
Once your first reading is in process, one of the easiest ways to tell whether this psychic is a good fit is whether they ask too many questions. Even genuine psychics may not sense accurate information at first, but they will pick up on specific details that aren’t generic. When they start doing this, it’s a great sign. These details should also be useful to you somehow, not merely confirmation that the psychic knows what they are doing.

7. Follow up after a few weeks.
If you’re looking for a psychic to see on a regular basis, don’t rely on just your first impression. Your immediate reaction may be misleadingly positive (if you’ve been scammed by a very nice but smooth salesman masquerading as a psychic) or negative (if you’ve received bad news that turned out to be true). Make sure you have written down a few important points from the session if it wasn’t recorded, and check back on them once a few weeks have passed.

Finding the best genuine psychic to meet your needs is often a process of trial and error, and can be frustrating until you find the right person. If you move or the psychic stops accepting work, you’ll know how to find another one. Be prepared to try out a few professionals before you find the best psychic for you. When the time is right, you will find them!