Scorpio Wytch

Merry meet~!! I’m Scorpio Wytch!! I’m an intuitive tarot reader, magical healer, psychic, and certified Transformation Meditation teacher. I like to apply practical wisdom, counseling, and clarity to each of my readings. We’ll dive deep and uncover the solution to your problems; be it love, money, business, family, you name it! I’ve been practicing the mystical arts for many years and I’d love to share my gifts with you. Let me know if you need a magic spell, a tarot reading, or a guided meditation of any kind! Message me, and let’s share the magic and wonder that the universe has to offer!! I’m on Facebook (Scorpio Wytch) and Instagram (@scorpiowytch). I do FREE tarot readings every Saturday at 8pm PST on my Facebook page, although life often gets in the way, so check out my page to see what my schedule is. I also create handmade jewelry, smudge wands, spell jars, dreamcatchers, and beautiful painted decor for your home. Check out my vendor page to see what I have to offer!