Binaural Beats: Training Your Subconscious

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Binaural Beats Training Your Subconscious

Your subconscious is far more powerful than you know, and even if you meditate every day, you still aren’t accessing its full potential. We don’t yet know how deep the human consciousness goes, and how many things you don’t even know you are capable of, but we’re slowly getting there.

The benefits of binaural beats are not touted by doctors or most self-help books yet, but that didn’t stop Einstein. He was known to listen to Mozart’s music in order to get inspiration for his creative genius, and Mozart composed music that is similar to modern binaural beats. (This seems miraculous to us, but there’s a good reason we still remember Mozart’s name.) Today, we have audio engineers to create these tracks for us based on modern scientific knowledge.

You, too, can benefit from these special audio tracks and use them to increase your focus, memory, intelligence, and creativity. There are binaural beats available for a variety of purposes, and they can help you out from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.

How do binaural beats work?

For years, scientists have known about and researched brainwaves. They have found that your brain tends to be active at certain levels depending on your level of activity. The deepest level of consciousness is delta, where you have no body consciousness and are in deep, dreamless sleep. The highest level occurs when your brain is operating in gamma wave frequencies, and is associated with problem-solving, fear, and other high-awareness activities.

Brainwaves, then, are the key to changing your mental state. When you synchronize your brainwaves with some external stimulus, your attention state, mood, and levels of creativity and intelligence can be altered! Amazing as it may seem, this effect is also logical and well-documented. Your level of brainwaves already changes based on your environment – whether you’re lying in a comfortable bed, looking at strobe lights, or exposed to electromagnetic radiation, for instance. Auditory stimulation is a direct way to get there.

What is a binaural beat?
This particular type of audio is engineered to include slightly different beats in each ear, so they must be used with stereo headphones. The difference between the beats – so small you won’t consciously notice it – is mixed in your brain. This means you perceive it as one beat, but the process of mixing makes your brain sync up with the desired frequency.

For example, if one channel delivered a 500Hz beat to your left ear, while the other delivered a 510Hz beat to your right ear, the beating frequency would be 10Hz. Don’t be intimidated, though. You don’t need to learn the different frequencies. The engineers take care of that and design each audio file for a specific purpose using the frequencies. You’ll buy based on what you’re looking to achieve, not based on Hz!

What can binaural beats do?
The list of things binaural beats can do is surprisingly extensive. Most scientists are now willing to admit that the mind-body connection is far stronger than it was previously thought to be. Just like what you eat affects how healthy your mind is, what you listen to affects how your mind works, which can affect what you eat (among other habits).

If you want help with forming new habits or getting rid of bad ones, decreasing anxiety, boosting your confidence and creativity, or concentration, binaural beats can help. They can improve your general health or keep your immune system working well, relieve stress, lead to establishing a prosperity and wealth mindset, and even help you lose weight. Any activity with a mental connection – which is just about any activity – can be made easier through binaural beats.

What mental improvement activities can binaural beats aid?
If you’re a regular meditator, you’ll find that binaural beats are very helpful in establishing and maintaining a meditative state of mind. You can eliminate stress, become more familiar with your own natural state of mind, and find great comfort in meditation. Some binaural beats are complete audio files that help you lower your brainwaves until you are in a meditative state, remain there for a certain length of time, and then raise them again to wake up and experience the joy of mindful living.

Lucid dreaming is another popular activity that can be made easier through the frequent use of binaural beats. For thousands of years, lucid dreamers have practiced skills (and attained similar benefits to physically practicing them), learned to overcome limiting situations, and experienced many fun and impractical activities like walking through walls and flying. Binaural beats can help you remember your dreams and keep your consciousness awake while your body rests.

How can I use binaural beats?
The simplest answer is: download some tracks, plug in your headphones, and start listening! The more complicated answer involves mind-body awareness. You must know that binaural beats can’t magically fix your life. If you’re looking for an instant answer to money problems, binaural beats will not necessarily help you. They can certainly be life-changing if you use them to help overcome a poverty mindset, then take action to improve your situation, though!

Binaural beats are a good supplement for anyone looking to improve aspects of their life such as school, work, and relationships. Self-improvement is a very worthy goal in itself. Through listening to audio tracks as you go about your day or whenever you have a few minutes to spare, you can find yourself being more productive and happy than you think is possible.