Concordia: the Goddess in Astrology and Ritual

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Concordia: the Goddess in Astrology and Ritual

Concordia is the Goddess of Harmony.

A temple was built to honor her in the center of Rome in 367 BC, and it became a regular meeting place for the Roman Senate. Alas, Concordia no longer seems to influence politics, but she still advises us, through our astrological charts.

Astrology has traditionally been seen as the study of the effects of planetary movements in our birth charts. But recently, astrologers have begun to look at the effects of another group of celestial bodies – the asteroids.

The Asteroids

The asteroids are `minor planets’ orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. Some theorists suggest they are fragments of a planetary body that either did not Completely form, or was broken up. More than 10,000 asteroids have been named to date, some of them with tongue in cheek – such as James Bond.

Like most astrologers, I use the some minor planets regularly, such as Juno and Ceres, but Concordia drew my interest when I noticed the position she takes in my own natal chart.

Astrologers no longer talk about `good’ and `bad’ aspects, but even the most optimistic stargazer would have to admit that some aspects are more challenging than others.

The `easy’ aspects are the trines and sextiles – 120 and 60 degrees of separation between planets. The planets in these aspects operate in harmony, bringing out the best in each other.

Squares, oppositions, and inconjuncts do not operate in harmony. These are 90, 180 and 150 respectively of separation between planets. The aspects underlines tensions between planets.

For example, in my chart, I discovered that there was an inconjunct between Concordia and the planet Mars in my chart. Concordia is in the Seventh House of marriage and significant partnerships, while Mars is in the 11th house of friendships. I have a great many male friends – but harmony with a significant other is something I have yet to achieve.

Concordia is worth noting, both as a Goddess and as an asteroid. As an asteroid, she is quite significant, being 58 miles in diameter and having an orbit of 4.4 years around the Sun. This means she will remain in a sign longer than Mars (which takes around two years to orbit the Sun) giving her plenty of time to make strong aspects in a chart.

As a Goddess, she holds an olive branch and a cornucopia – peace and plenty.

Her feast day is January 16, which the Romans celebrated as a festival of goodwill.

On this day, Concordia was honored for her part in restoring and maintaining peaceful relationships, and her help sought.

In combining the myth and the astronomy, astrologers can bring the wisdom of Concordia back into human affairs. By studying the placement of the asteroid Concordia in the birth chart, and her aspects to other planets, we can interpret the messages of Concordia as her acolytes did in ancient Rome.

Checking on Concordia in a male chart recently, I found her in stubborn Taurus, squaring the Sun in proud Leo – and certainly this male needed to be more flexible in his relationships. However there is a trine to Venus in Virgo – the advice of Concordia is to let love find a way.

Help For Relationship Troubles

If you are having trouble with relationships in your life, Concordia is the Goddess to invoke, whether you communicate with her directly, or use astrological intervention.

Astrologically, Concordia belongs with the sign of Libra, the sign of harmony and balance, and with Venus, the planet of relationships. Therefore, when invoking her, use the associations of this sign and planet. Soft colors, especially blue and lavender, are appropriate and the invocation should take place on a Venus day or hour (you can find the tables of planetary hours and days online).

The oils and incense you use should reflect the qualities of Concordia, Venus and Libra. Essential floral scents, such as rose and lavender are best. Bowls and implements should be made of copper and the gem stones associated with Libra are the opal, the sapphire and Jade.

By: Gail Kavanagh