5 Common Psychic Abilities You Might Have

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Five Common Psychic Abilities You Might Have

We might not all have enough psychic power to rival Whoopi Goldberg’s famous character, Oda Mae, but many people in real life have some level of psychic ability. Sometimes it’s as small as having a feeling there’s a closer parking spot, and sometimes it can save your life, whether or not you know it.

There are a wide range of psychic abilities, many of which are so subtle you might not know that you have them. They can also combine to create a unique ability, and they can be signals of other dormant abilities or precursors to other developing abilities. Here are a few common abilities:

1. Clair-sensory abilities

This category of abilities includes clairvoyance, perhaps the most commonly thought of when it comes to extrasensory perception, but also clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairgustance, among others. Clairvoyance doesn’t always involve seeing visions of the future – precognition – but rather seeing something that would normally be hidden or too far away. It can be very subtle, to the point where you simply think you have good sight. Similarly, clairaudience involves hearing, clairgustance involves tasting, and clairsentience involves knowing.

Some other types of extrasensory abilities that match the traditional five senses include clairscent, which revolves around smelling, and clairtangency, also known as psychometry. Though among the most commonly referenced abilities, they can manifest as either slight touches of abilities – knowing something is wrong with someone you love who is far away – or in a dramatic fashion.

2. Empathy

Another common ability that often goes undetected, empathy is both the ability to empathize with people’s moods (at a normal level), and the enhanced ability to actually feel these moods. It can feel more like a curse than a blessing at times, as it’s been described as overwhelming and even frightening.

When you’re an empath, large gatherings are tiring, and people tend to be drawn to you to vent their problems. Some empaths have found that an effective way to deal with this particular ability is to learn how to shield themselves. This particular ability, because it’s so common, is often a signal of other abilities that may not be fully developed or even discovered yet.

3. Psychometry

This is sometimes referred to as clairtangency – touching what can’t ordinarily be touched. This ability allows you to sense the past, present, and future of an object simply by touching it. These detections can come through various pieces of sensory information – you might not see a vision, but instead taste, smell, hear, or feel something related to it. Emotions in particular are commonly picked up from objects by those with even mild psychometry abilities, because objects seem to record them in particular.

This ability can seem flakier than others because the information retrieved is often hard to verify through other means, such as details of the lives of unrecorded previous owners of antiques. It also doesn’t always work, and it’s impossible to force it if you’re not getting anything from an object.

4. Channeling

Quite apart from the sensationalized media image of channeling, this ability is about communicating with the spirits of the dead, and it has been recorded in many cultures worldwide. You may be temporarily controlled by a spirit, may see them, or may hear messages. This can be in the form of a reading for a particular person as you try to reach out to people important to them, or it can happen randomly throughout the day, which is very alarming at first!

Another form of mediumship that is misunderstood is physical mediumship, which means you’re acting as a conduit for the spirit to physically act. It may make noises, move things, speak, or materialize in full or in part. This is far less dramatic and dangerous than it may seem, and can be quite subtle.

5. Astral projection

This ability relies upon the separation of your astral (energy) body and your physical body. Some people believe this is actually a common occurrence and takes place every night when you sleep, hence the oft-reported feeling of falling or jolting back into your body suddenly after a dream. Astral projection allows you to explore higher realms than the physical while you are asleep or out of your body. It has been linked with near-death experiences or some forms of meditation, too.

These experiences can be quite profound, though they tend to revolve more around the self than other people or objects, as some people have experienced trouble when they try to interact with or discover more about other people during astral projection. It’s very important to practice astral projection with pure intentions and not for the purpose of spying or revenge. You can even meet your spirit guide or animal totem through astral projection.

There are many potential psychic abilities, and some people experience unique abilities that combine two such abilities or more. These are some of the most common ones and are often universally recognized among psychic and new age communities.

Other abilities you may be wondering about are sometimes talked about less often because they aren’t as common, but this certainly does not mean the effects are any less true when you experience them. As scary as it can be, remember that you are never a victim of your own abilities. You may not be able to will them away, but you can often learn techniques to work with, mitigate, or control the negative effects of your abilities. The positive potential usually drastically outweighs the negative!