Spellwork with Scorpio Wytch


A powerful magic spell, performed by Scorpio Wytch, one of the readers of iMystica.  Tell her your intention, and she’ll use different herbs, flowers, crystals, and a touch of whimsy to make your dreams a reality!

Magic Spells
by Scorpio Wytch

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Did you just go through a breakup and you want to heal your heart?  Are you low on money and need a boost?  Do you want to feel happier and live your best life?

Scoprio Wytch is now offering magic spells!!  Magic is a powerful tool that can help in countless ways in your every day struggles.  Using colored candles, herbs, flowers, crystals, spices, and incense; I’ll happily perform a magic spell for whatever intention you have.

Each ingredient for the spell corresponds to your intention, and I’ll choose what they are based off what I have available in my garden and home apothecary.  Example:  Roses = Love, Oranges = Healing, Green Candles = Money.  If there’s a specific ingredient you want for your spell, message me, and we’ll see if we can negotiate.

This is not black magic, a curse, or a hex, and I refuse to partake in any negative energy work.  This is good, pure, healing magic that can help and enlighten you!

Once you you’ve made your purchase, please contact me at either Facebook: Scorpio Wytch or Instagram: @scorpiowytch or through the contact sheet below.  I can’t perform the magic spell unless if you get in contact with me.  Once you do, tell me your intention.  Be it love, money, happiness, healing, or anything you can think of!  I’ll send you a video of myself performing the spell at my altar within 2-3 business days after purchasing. 

Don’t worry, I respect your privacy and will only ask for information if it’s important for the spell.

How the spells works:

  • I cleanse my altar and gather the ingredients for the spell.
  • I call upon the Guardians of the North, South, East, West, and any spirits or deities that are associated with your intention.
  • I do a small meditation to put both of us in a relaxed and conscious state of mind, just to bring our attention towards the spell.
  • Then, I’ll pull one tarot card that coincides with your intention.
  • Next, I’ll use magic and combine the ingredients and enact the spell.
  • We close everything by thanking the gods and goddesses, the spirits, and end the spell.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my services!!  Feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns, and I’ll gladly answer your call.  Brightest blessing to you~!!

─── 。゚☆: *. ☾.* :☆. ───


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