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Googy Ballyhoo

Position: Psychic Tarot Reader


My name is Googy Ballyhoo and I'm originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Today I do most of my Tarot Readings from right here in Las Vegas. I fully consider myself a Las Vegan, and I am proud to call this fine city my home.

I find inspiration in the many places that I’ve traveled such as New Orleans, New York, Saint Louis, Austin, and Los Angeles. My nomadic lifestyle has influenced my spiritual practice by allowing me to meet and learn from all the wonderful people I have gotten to know as friends. 

I read Tarot to help people gain insight into their inner selves, and to provide healing, light and love to those in need. I specialize in Tarot Card Reading and I focus on Healing. I also enjoy working with Dream Interpretation and Empathic Healing.

I'm an intuitive medium who uses empathy to help others heal themselves. My teachers and mentors are the reason I do what I do. I have truly been blessed with so many wonderful teachers, and it is for them that I practice Tarot, Dream Interpretation, and Empathic Healing.

 I have been reading Tarot for 10 years. I draw inspiration from the Goddess and I connect with her daily in order to transcend everyday cares and worries, but also to cope with the especially turbulent times we all find ourselves in today. I connect with the spiritual  community and  participate in my craft through writing, studying, and providing Tarot Card readings. 

I intend for others to experience the gifts of self acceptance, healing, and love that are available to all of those who seek them. 

Blessed Be,

Googy Ballyhoo