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Laura Jasmine

Position: Psychic Medium Clairvoyant


I am a Psychic, Medium, and Energy healer. I read Tarot and Oracle cards. I was born psychic and have had many psychic experiences, including an angel appearing next to my bed in the middle of the night to help me through a trying time. I grew up in CA and now live in NV. For as long as I can remember, I have been connected to nature, animals, and energy. I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, and Empathic. I can also see and read aura’s and energy.

I have the ability to receive divine guidance and read the Akashic Records. During readings I communicate with angels, spirit guides, those who have crossed,and other high dimensional beings.

Everyone’s path and questions are different, I am open minded and caring, while giving clear insightful information and solutions. Often a unique perspective is provided. Relationships, finance,career, health, and general forecasts are some of the more common readings. I have the ability to connect with loved ones who have passed.

Other insightful readings are on Past Lives, Karmic Relationships, Soul Relationships (Soulmate and Twin Flame), and Soul Path and Life. Alot of very interesting and useful information can be uncovered to direct your life.

If you feel drawn I would love to read for you and provide answers to important questions you have.

Love & Light,
Laura Jasmine