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Hi everyone I’m Rabbit. I’m a Scorpio, with a passion for all things magickal all mystical. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. i’m originally from San Diego California. I’ve been a Tarot card reader for over 30 years now. I got my first deck back in May 1990 and I was hooked, I have been reading Tarot cards ever since. I view the Tarot as a kind of roadmap to our lives or even a mirror that reflects back to us our choices, the consequences of our choices and opportunities that are coming our way. Our strengths and our weaknesses but ultimately the Tarot provides us with a way to find the solutions

We need to solve our problems. I also specialize in energy work and that includes working with Tarot energies for manifesting, Oracle cards, candle magick, crystals, herbs, oils, meditation, affirmations, Moon cycles, and energies for the days of the week. Other areas of study and interest include; Wicca, metaphysics, shamanism, animal totems., runes, numerology, seasons, and cycles as well as mediumship. My goal as a psychic and Tarot card reader is to provide my clients with self awareness, knowledge and empowerment. If you’re interested in getting a glimpse into your future, Or just having a reading for fun.

Rather if it’s about love, money, work, friends, family, social life, or any area in your life I can help you find the answers. Remember we are all creators and masters of our own destiny, when we acknowledge that truth our potential becomes completely limitless. So If you’re interested in a reading give me a call and let’s throw some cards!

Love & peace.