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Vyra Morte


Vyra Morte comes from the desert South West and has over 20-years’ experience reading tarot cards. As a child they saw spirits and were taken around to purported haunted locations by their parents to see if they would see something. Now they are a necromancer, diviner, and ritual toolmaker with a twisted sense of humor.

They have tried to nurture this gift into drawing information from the cards to help guide and inspire. Recently Vyra has been using Lenormand as a system for love, money, and business readings because they find it delightfully blunt. They also have a ceremonial magic background as well as studies in more traditional witchcraft.

Vyra also works as a professional witch, lighting candles, making incense, and communing with The Divine on behalf of believers. They do not like telling people any magic is right or wrong for them, only right or wrong for the situation.

Are you ready to see what the cosmos has to say to you?