Tarot as Oracle for Self Discovery

Tarot as Oracle for Self Discovery

The slippery new cards of your tarot deck seem to vibrate in your hands as you hold them for the first time. One by one, you contemplate each beautifully illustrated picture. Taking a deep breath in, you shuffle the deck and begin to formulate a question for the universe. But what should you ask? Will he marry me? Will I get that job offer? What does the future hold?

When we turn to the tarot to predict future events, we inadvertently forget about the freedom we have to change situations both within us and without. Instead, why not learn how to ask questions that empower us to understand ourselves more, to reclaim control of our own decisions and behaviors and to be at peace with our lives and ourselves? In this way, the tarot becomes an oracle of self-discovery rather than a teller of fortunes.

The next time you consult the tarot, write down one question before hand in a journal designated specifically for your divinations. The question should be open ended and positive, with a focus on choice, freedom and possibility. Try to avoid inquiries with definite outcomes. On the contrary, ask the universe what you need to become aware of in order to bring about the best possible outcome.

A current worry could be “Will my relationship last?” Let’s instead write down and ask “What do I need to realize in order to be blessed with a lasting relationship?” Notice how the first question imprisons you into an unchangeable future. When you transform your question into a positive inquiry, you open up a whole new realm of possibilities for yourself.

Here are other examples that may inspire you.

Old question: “Will I ever recover from my illness?”
New question: “What do I need to do or realize to become the healthiest me I can be?”

Old question: “Will I ever find a career I am good at?”
New question: “How do I become more aware of my talents and abilities?”

In addition, certain tarot decks and other oracle cards may be better suited for such questioning than others. You may want to explore a variety of cards to find a deck that has uplifting and inspiring interpretations with a focus on spiritual development rather than dire predictions.

The tarot as a tool for self discovery should leave you with a feeling of optimism, hope and an awareness that you have choices. It can be a source of inspiration and comfort as you navigate through this world of possibilities. Happy divination!

By: Candice Redfern