Top Ten Good Questions to Ask Your Psychic

About to get a reading, but not sure what to ask? Can’t decide if a reading would be helpful for you? It might comfort you to know that asking the right questions will go a long way towards finding out what you most need to know right now.

Here are the top ten good questions to ask your psychic. It’s generally not polite to ask all of them at once, however, so choose one to three questions that feel most right to you unless the psychic you are seeing tells you that you can ask more.

1. What can you tell me about [your most important area]?
This is a great way to start off your list of questions; it gets right to what you’re most concerned about. You can fill in the blanks with one to two (no more than that if you want to be in-depth, which is generally preferable) areas of your life. Here are some areas to consider: your career, love, family, friends, religion, money, or your most meaningful hobby.

2. What changes in my life do I need to make to attract success in [your most important area]?
If you’ve just heard some bad news, this question is a great one to ask. Even if things are going fine, learning the answer can help you avoid unforeseen disasters. It focuses on things you can do, rather than “inevitable” results (which any good psychic will tell you don’t exist), and you will often get a great answer to this. Remember to write it down.

3. What gifts should I be pursuing, and how should I deal with any difficulties along the way?
Whether your gifts are psychic or mundane, there’s no doubt you have them. A psychic can help you figure out the direction your life should be going right now, and even what legacy you want to create! This is no small matter, so don’t skip this question. Also, know that your gift might not be anything you expect it to be, or it might not be the right time to pursue it yet.

4. Are there any new beginnings I should be looking out for?
It’s sometimes said that change is the only constant. No matter how hard you cling to things, they will end. Luckily for all of us, the opposite is also true! New beginnings don’t have to be drastic; they can happen at any time, and without you even noticing. Your psychic may be able to alert you to a particularly fulfilling opportunity or life path that is opening up for you soon.

5. What does the [universe/divine/reading medium] most want me to know right now?
However you choose to phrase it, this is a very important question! Even if you think you know what areas you’re most worried about and choose your questions carefully to focus on these areas, the universe might want you to know something else.

6. What intuitive or psychic gifts do I have, and how should I learn to trust them?
This question can help you break free of the cycle of calling psychics every year, month, or even week. Even if you want to continue seeing a psychic now and again, you can supplement it with your own intuition when necessary. Every individual has some innate gifts, whether or not they have become manifest, and the universe can help you figure them out if you ask this question. Don’t be worried that your psychic will take offense – legitimate psychics don’t want people to become dependent on him, as it can be energetically draining and unhealthy.

7. What sort of work path or career am I most suited for?
If you’re currently experiencing work or career trouble, or don’t feel satisfied with your job, this is a good question to ask. The answer can get you thinking about what you feel happiest doing, how you can change your life to do important work, and what careers you should be thinking about in the future. Most people switch careers many times in a lifetime, so don’t be afraid if the answer seems too different from what you’re doing right now.

8. What meaning does my relationship with [my partner/friend/family member] have?
Have you been having trouble with someone lately? Maybe you need the universe to remind you what sort of meaning this relationship holds, and why it’s important to you. Suddenly, you might find out what lessons you can look for in the relationship, and why this person is in your life. The answers might lead you to form a new understanding with that person.

9. In what ways am I currently limiting or harming myself?
This question helps you get to the heart of any issues on which you need to take action. Sometimes, inaction can be an unwise path. If you can find out what you need to do to overcome some of the obstacles currently facing you, you’ll be several steps ahead in the game. Other questions may be able to address this better, but if you feel like something is wrong but you’re not sure what, this might cover it.

10. Can you tell me about my most important past life?
If the psychic you are talking to has a specialization in past lives, this is a great question to ask! These psychics will be more than happy to help you learn about the past life that has the most meaning for you now. It might have been one that was cut short and contains lessons you still need to learn in this lifetime, or one that resulted in tremendous growth.

Before the reading, you might want to ask your psychic whether they prefer to work from information (you tell them what is most bothering you and they look for information relating to it, sometimes asking you questions) or questions (you guide the reading using questions like these), and if they prefer to work from information, whether you can ask any questions at the end.

The only way you will know what you need to change or focus on in your life is by asking yourself and