Using Tarot Cards for Self Discovery

Using Tarot Cards for Self Discovery

Some tarot card readers may claim they can predict the future, but the reality is that life’s path has unpredictable and mysterious twists and turns. When people learn to interpret their own tarot cards in a spread, they embark on a path of self discovery. Tarot cards can be used in tarot psychology because all tarot cards depict archetypal imagery. The symbols on the 22 Major Arcana cards of the deck show the different sides to a person as well as different life stages, events and forces. Instead of posing a question and pulling cards for a spread, a person can simply meditate on individual cards. Interpreting tarot cards is similar to interpreting dreams.

The Fool

As the song goes, “Everybody plays the fool, sometimes.” In the tarot deck, The Fool is an innocent soul starting out on a journey. Some tarot readers say the card presents hope, trust and faith as well as idealism. The fool is typically depicted as a person blithely moving forward even though his or her feet are near the edge of a cliff. If The Fool card has special meaning to a person, it usually means he or she is not being realistic enough about what lies ahead in life.

The Moon

Tarot readers often say The Moon card indicates inner problems and emotional turmoil. The moon, according to folklore, has the power to shape a woman’s emotions. A foreboding card to pull, The Moon may indicate that the person should be aware of deceptive situations. Change is in the air.

The Tower

With an illustration of people jumping out of windows to a tower, lightening striking, fire and billowing smoke, The Tower card represents all that is devastating, unexpected and lost in life. To meditate on The Tower card is to reflect on problems whether it be divorce or bankruptcy. The key is to realize that a life can be rebuilt from the ashes, but only after pulling down the unstable things in life.

The Devil

Although some people think of The Devil card as being a message about hedonism or religion, it’s actually a symbol of bondage to material things. Some tarot readers say the card represents the negative cycles of life. People who have a lot of debt or who make choices based on money and material things may experience the power of The Devil, which is enslavement. Meditating on the card may lead to ideas about how to become free of debt, an unhealthy relationship or stressful job.

The Sun

The Sun card is a positive tarot card that relates to public achievements and unions such as marriage and business mergers. By meditating on The Moon card, a person may come to realize that they are tired of keeping up appearances or always having to compete with others. To be truly happy, a person has to find acceptance from within, not just from society and others.

When people use tarot cards for self discovery, it’s more important to recognize how the cards make them feel. Images can be powerful because they help a person get in touch with their subconscious dreams, hopes and fears. Tarot cards can be used for enlightenment as they shed light on an individual’s true wishes. A person who meditates on The Hermit card may find the solution to an important problem. Meditating on the Strength card could inspire a person to reach a goal or settle legal or financial matters such as filing a tax return. Gazing at The Lovers tarot card can help a person visualize what they want. Tarot cards can be used in a practical way in conjunction with Jungian psychology as long as a person realizes that the answers they seek can be found within.