What are Psychic Life Readings

What are Psychic Life Readings

A psychic is an individual who experiences phenomenon beyond the sphere of known physical science. This phenomenon is often a sensitivity to nuances or details about others, places or events that cannot be easily explained. Often the center of controversy, psychics are frequently challenged to perform upon their subtle senses to prove they exist. As Alan Auerbach notes in his 2007 comments on All Experts.com, “Someone from a preliterate native culture might see only five or even two different colors. In short, color identification is a matter of perception, and perception is culturally learned.” Because they can only see two colors doesn’t mean that only two colors exist. It means they can only see two colors because that is what they are able or have learned to see.
Because each individual comes with their own personal sensory system, it isn’t possible to know if the garlic I smell as a particular scent, is indeed the same odor the next person smells. We might agree that a shared odor will be called by a specific name but we have no experience of that odor except through our own equipment. Culture creates a language and meaning we can use to describe and validate or criticize and dismiss our experiences. These issues tend to position psychics in a defensive posture. Using this process, would be like telling someone I smell garlic and knowing my word isn’t good enough, I must also find the garlic and prove it was present for me to smell it.

A psychic life reading occurs when a client makes a request of a person with elevated psychic subtle senses for an interpretation of what the psychic senses around the client or the client’s life. The psychic directs their attention toward what they feel is the information or energy being expressed by the client and they interpret that information by trying to describe it. Life readings may also include analysis of issues in a client’s current life based on behavior and relationships in previous lives. A psychic may take minimal notice of where one life ends and the next one begins, seeing the collective reincarnate lives of the client as ‘the true life’ of the client.

It is important to remember that each person develops their own internal language of meaning and often this language is symbolic, similar to early childhood books where a picture of a head and a plus and a picture of a table lamp are connected with an equal sign and a blank. The images represent collective pieces that together create a shape or pattern. This type of information or expression of images that have personal symbolism are read for the client. It is like trying to describe an odor for a person who doesn’t have a nose. Each psychic will have their own style of internal language so what I describe here isn’t meant to represent all psychics, merely to illustrate the process of reading and why readings often don’t have a shared language.

According to a 2001 Gallup poll by Newport and Strausberg, more than half of the American public believes in “psychic or spiritual healing, and extrasensory perception (ESP)” and, they continue, the numbers are growing. People who seek the services of psychic life readers are expressing an interest in a deeper understanding of themselves, their issues, their challenges and, how to work through these concerns to improve their life and state of personal wellness. They are also expressing an interest in matters of the spirit or soul through alternative viewpoints that may be outside of conventional sources of wisdom.

There may be excellent reasons why people are expressing more of an interest and belief in psychic phenomenon and extrasensory perception. As recently as 1995 the CIA authorized a review of the 24 year Defense Department program known as Star Gate. According to Edwin C. May’s 1996 commentary published in the Journal of Parapsychology, the review was to “include an assessment of the intelligence-gathering utility of anomalous cognition (AC)” otherwise known of as remote viewing. Anomalous cognition falls clearly under the phenomena identified as psychic. The remote viewing program’s psychics used their minds to see into compounds and facilities of interest to the Defense Department. Since the government was willing to see sufficient value in these capabilities to fund the project for a quarter century, it suggests science has closed the gap of identifying psychic capabilities sufficiently to use them in national defense.