What Is a Psychic

What is a psychic

What Is a Psychic?

Is Everyone Is Psychic ?

Before defining what a psychic is it’s important to state the fact that everyone is psychic. Having a basic psychic ability is as human as having a heart that beats. What are normally described as our instincts, inner voice or intuition is very closely related to psychic ability. Instincts are often based on an immediate sense of energy. This is humanity’s common denominator and what many people say makes us all “equal”. The fact that everyone has an inner voice that is connected to a larger Intelligence.

Listen To That Inner Voice

A psychic impression can be as simple as a notion that you should or should not do something or perhaps that you like or dislike someone upon first meeting. These impressions can also be called gut instincts. These impressions are realized so quickly as to they have no cognitive basis for them at that point. Thus a gut reaction or instinctual response is elicited. These small impulses are not to be ignored or judged. Just pay attention to them and see where they may lead.

Other times, you may hear a voice in your head saying something about a person or situation you know nothing about. Or perhaps you see a picture in your head about someone you just met. Later, you discover the voice you heard and the pictures you saw in your head were giving you information that were indeed accurate. These are examples of spirits transmitting knowledge to you.

Practice Makes Perfect

With practice you can continue to discover information about people, situations and Life in general for the betterment of everyone involved. It’s a thin veil between our own instincts and a message from a spirit so it takes practice, attention and a clear mind to determine the differences. Spirit communication comes to everyone a little differently and it’s important to figure out exactly how spirits communicate with you as an individual. In the end, as a result of this work, you’ll have a better understanding and appreciation of yourself and your Life.

A World Within a World – Where The Spirits Live

Let’s look at the world that spirits live and how psychics work within that world. The world of spirit is the etheric realm, the realm of energy and the unseen realm of our existence. Psychics are very attuned to entities in this world we know as spirits or spirit guides. Most of the time these spirits are of people who have passed on from our physical world. These types of spirits usually retain the personalities they embodied as human beings. They often linger around those they were closest to while living.

Sometimes spirits are from generations ago who have come here to help those within their bloodline currently living. Some spirits show up at a certain time to help a person or even a group of people, during a challenging period and then move on. Other spirits stick with us throughout our lifetimes.

A person can have many or just a few spirits with them at any one time. A spirit can also be an energy form or an amalgamation of several energy forms which are unrelated to incarnation. These kinds of spirits usually come from farther dimensions and convey a distinct intelligence. Additionally, as with people, some spirits are “mean-spirited” as the saying goes, and need to be dealt with accordingly.

Connect To Your Spirit And The Spirits Around You

Depending on the type of psychic you visit and how experienced they are, a psychic can help protect a person from malicious spirits. They can also help connect us more deeply with the spirits who love us. Many psychics can in fact, help someone heal their energy. Just as doctors and therapists help heal our bodies and deal with our emotions, certain kinds of psychics can help us heal our energy fields. This is intense work and not to be taken lightly.

Science Says

Science has known for many years that all matter is made up of 99.9% space. More recently, science has discovered that within that space is a force. They don’t know exactly what that force is or what it does, they just know that it’s there. Philosophy, religion and spiritual organizations around the world have been stating this is exact condition for centuries. A force is in us and all around us all the time.

Now And Forever

This is the realm that spirits live in and the realm that psychics can tap into in a deep way. There really are worlds within the world we see everyday. So, know that spirits are here with us now and they always have been. It’s in our best interest to do all we can to understand them and their world. They are after all, here to help us and guide us during our lifetime on Earth. For that’s how they continue their spiritual evolution beyond this world.

That Being Said sometimes we all need advice from professionals and yes professional psychics do exist! 

What Is a Psychic Service ?

Psychic Services offer immediate answers to lifes most pressing issues and intimate concerns safely and securely from the privacy of your own home or wherever you may be. The answers to your questions are provided quickly and honestly. Our readers will offer insights and advice for whatever is troubling you. Trusted readers & advisors are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Let’s face it, difficulties and troubles do not always hand us a calling card or advance notice that they are about to disturb the balance of our world. This is the reason that a professional psychic can provide the answers to the problems that you have or provide you deeper mystic insight. There is no reason to suffer or be axiety ridden or to have to wait for a trip to a readers place or office. The fastest and simplest way is to connect by phone, chat or text from your phone or PC. The mystical services you need are available at your convenience from any of your devices.

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