Why do People Read Horoscopes?


The ancient Greeks believed that a person’s life was pre-determined and predictable by the positioning of the sun, moon and stars at the time of a person’s birth. They would use the positioning of the sun, moon and various constellations to predict the course a person’s life would take. The ancient Greeks’ practice of predicting the future based on astrology, or horoscope reading, spread throughout the world and was “made acceptable” to people of the Christian persuasion in the 1600’s when William Lilly started calling it “Christian Astrology.”

Curiosity is probably the most prevalent human trait that has carried over from more primitive civilizations. Just as the ancient Greeks were curious about their future and general well being, so is modern society. Many people read their horoscopes daily in hopes of gaining some insight into their future as well as some much needed daily guidance.

Some people turn to horoscopes for guidance when it comes to decision making. Even though the messages offered in daily horoscopes tend to be vague and general, they can convey real meaning and guidance when applied to a specific situation. Others who may not be able to find the answers to the questions weighing most heavily on their minds may turn to horoscopes in hopes of being guided toward an answer. Studies have shown that readers turn to horoscopes for answers most often with pressed with a burning question or difficult decision.

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons someone reads their horoscope is to find out about their love life. A person’s zodiac sign can say a lot about their personality, attitude and behaviors. It has been shown that certain zodiac signs are more romantically compatible with one another; this information is often written in a daily horoscope.

A daily horoscope can help someone determine if they will have any luck for the day. Maybe someone is thinking about making a risky business decision; if their horoscope says that they will be lucky today, they will go ahead with the decision. However, if their horoscope dictates that today is not a lucky day, perhaps that individual will wait for a luckier day to take the risk.

Horoscope reading has been around for hundreds of years, amusing some and guiding the lives of others. People read horoscopes for a variety of reasons, all of which must carry some weight for this practice to be so prevalent in our past, present and most likely future.