Your Feng Shui Money Corner

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Your Feng Shui Money Corner

The Chinese system of balance and harmony, called Feng Shui, has some advice on how to increase your prosperity. And just what does this ancient philosophy tell us about personal finance? Well, to promote prosperity, you’ve got to get your money corner in order.

Feng Shui is the belief that your environment, the spaces that you inhabit both at work and at home, have an effect on your spiritual and even financial health. In other words, when your home is in proper harmony, in terms of the things in it and their manner of arrangement, your money will be in proper harmony too.

It is said in Feng Shui that the part of your home that is most greatly tied to prosperity is the back left corner of any room. And because it is a general principal in this philosophy that a lack of clutter leads to greater success, the wisdom of Feng Shui states that the back left corner of your rooms should be neat, tidy, and orderly.

Doesn’t this make sense? How can your finances—your bills and bank accounts and credit cards—be orderly and well maintained if the place you live is in a state of uproar? If your house is a mess, your mind, and your money, are sure to be cluttered as well.

The first thing to do then is to take a look at your home, particularly the far left corners of your rooms, and see if they might need a bit of tidying up. Maybe you need to get stuff that’s been leaning there for half a year—skis or rolls of wallpaper—out of the corner and stored neatly in a closet. Maybe you need to pay some attention to the floor in that far corner, do a bit of vacuuming or sweeping.

Once you’re done tidying your corners, you will sure to feel better, less cluttered in the mind. In many cases, the feeling of relief will be palpable. Why didn’t you get that cleared up months ago? you’ll say to yourself.

Of course, one thing that Feng Shui doesn’t come right out and say, but that you’ve probably figured out yourself, is that every corner in every room of your home is the back left corner from some vantage point! So, get busy, get to straightening your money corners. You’ll be amazed at the positive effect this will have on your thoughts. No doubt it’ll have a fine effect on your finances too.